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Refinery and Power Plants

  In addition to analyzing fires and explosions caused by pipe or vessel ruptures, gas purge or blowdown, and/or control problems, BEAR engineers can provide analysis for any mechanical component at a refinery or power plant. BEAR has extensive expertise in evaluating existing equipment using a variety of methodologies (e.g. API 579, British Codes R-5 and R-6, finite element analysis, etc.).  
  Steam Pipe  |  Hydrogen Reactor Vessel  |  Refinery Stack  

Steam Pipe

  The failure of this 30 inch diameter steam line, operating at 900 psi and 1000 °F, shutdown the Mohave, California power plant. The failure occurred along a longitudinal weld in the pipe. BEAR engineers determined that although the weld metal was stronger than the pipe steel at room temperature, the creep, or high temperature deformation rate of the weld metal was 10 times greater than the pipe's base metal. This mismatch led to failure after 10 years of operation. The ASME Piping Codes have been changed to prevent this type of failure based in part on analysis work performed by BEAR on this failure and others.  

Hydrogen Reactor Vessel

  BEAR engineers analyzed cracking in the ring groove of the top head of this 3000 psi, 8 inch thick, 10 foot diameter, 50 foot tall hydrogen reactor vessel. The stress analysis indicated the cracks would stop growing as they grew into low stress regions of the head away from the ring groove. The vessel was returned to service.  

Refinery Stack

  BEAR engineers determined that the transition section of a 300 foot tall stack at a refinery in Kazakhstan could be safely heated to 1250 °F to reduce residual stresses in the welds. The diameter of the stack changed from 10 feet to 3 feet at the transition section. The heat treatment was carried out successfully.