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BEAR Project Receives Award


BEAR wins Best Paper of the Year

BEAR paper on preventing gasoline can explosions wins Best Paper of the Year


Alcohol Containers Explode Too!



Metallurgy Lab

BEAR is pleased to announce that our senior materials engineer David Xu is now Dr. Xu and a registered professional engineer.  David has just completed his Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering at UC Berkeley.  He studied under Professor Robert Ritchie specializing in the mechanical behavior of materials, primarily biomedical-compatible materials such as superelastic Nitinol and Cobalt-Chrome alloys.  David recently became a registered Professional Mechanical Engineer.  His education and experience in both materials and mechanical engineering gives him a solid foundation in the design and failure analysis of consumer products and industrial equipment.  Please join us in congratulating David!

Dr. Xu has recently made two media appearances regarding the San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge bolt problems:

A few words from Dr. Xu:
Here at BEAR, I am very excited to be part of a great team of experts to help serve all our client needs.  With our extensive knowledge in physics, engineering (materials, mechanical and electrical), and experience in testifying, we can solve and explain almost any problem or failure.  As the senior materials engineer, I have set up a full service materials & metallurgy laboratory at BEAR with optical & electron microscopy capabilities including compositional analysis.  I look forward to applying BEAR’s new capabilities and further assisting you and all our clients in the most capable and cost effective manner possible!


Check your water supply lines!
Every week at BEAR Inc, our engineers receive failed water hoses that have resulted in significant flooding damage to homes and businesses.  Most of these failures can be easily prevented by conducting regular inspections of the water supply lines connecting sinks, toilet, washer and refrigerators.  Any early sign of damage such as bulging, wear deep tool marks, cracks, leaks, or discoloration should be dealt with by replacing the hoses.  Also be sure to safely store household cleaners, detergents and bleach well away from the hoses.  The chemicals in these products can cause early failure of hoses.  By performing yearly inspections and controlling the environment, you can easily prevent flooding damage due to failed water lines.





To fulfill our clients' requests to conduct root cause metallurgical failure investigations, BEAR has expanded assessment capabilities with the construction of a full metallurgy laboratory. Our newest update is a digital Microscope that can be taken onto location. The microscope has two polarizers in it, so the glare that is often a problem is completely eliminated and very sharp images can be achieved.

  Our Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) capability complements digital microscopy by allowing resolutions of up to 50,000x.