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BEAR Project Receives Award


BEAR wins Best Paper of the Year

BEAR paper on preventing gasoline can explosions wins Best Paper of the Year


Alcohol Containers Explode Too!



Patent Infringement


What are the rules… exactly? Does a player go out of bounds as the foot touches the line–or do the rules say that the foot must move beyond the far edge of the line? Laws are boundaries and usually very explicit. What is not always explicit is real people's understanding of science. Put simply, while we are focused our attention on the player's foot–did we fail to notice the other player's push?

The sciences required to successfully work Intellectual Property cases vary tremendously. This is one of the reasons that BEAR actively works in many multiple scientific disciplines.

Your case can have the support of BEAR's exceptional authority combined with a crystal clear and understandable presentation. Our Expert Witness supports your litigation with the right Scientific Analysis for you to determine the facts of your case and in support of trial presentation for your Jury.

Often we have heard from Attorneys that they wish they had contacted us earlier in a case. The reason? The outcome of our analysis would have affected how they decided to pursue their case. An Expert Witness Engineer or an Expert Witness Scientist  are certainly valuable for your presentation, but what if the facts indicates that you shouldn't be in front of a jury?

The Engineers and Scientists at Berkeley Engineering and Research have a very authoritative and public profile in the engineering, academic and scientific communities. That authority is presuasive, but the key element in helping your case is communication. Your engineering team at BEAR will collaborate with you to show your case's jury exactly when the player crossed the line.