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BEAR paper on preventing gasoline can explosions wins Best Paper of the Year


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Large Structures


BEAR Engineers demonstrate wide experience analyzing large structures ranging from bridges and offshore platforms to stadium roofs and amusement park elements. We perform corrosion, fatigue, fracture and structural analysis to determine remaining life and margin of safety. For the Golden Gate Bridge, for example, BEAR engineers designed dampers to mitigate earthquake damage.

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Offshore Platforms


BEAR Engineers have performed fracture assessment for critical offshore platforms in the North Sea. Our team regularly assesses U.S. owned platforms exposed to repeat hurricane activity in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. BEAR inspected, laser scanned and analyzed the Unimar platform shown below after Hurrican Katrina tossed it about in 2005.


Fatigue and Fracture Analysis


BEAR Engineers have performed fatigue and fracture analysis on a wide range of large structures, from the roof of a Milwaukee Baseball Stadium roof to a California amusement park water slide. Our computer-generated Finite Element Analysis of the water slide appears in the model shown here.


Bridge Analysis


BEAR Engineers have significant experience in fatigue and fracture analysis of bridges. We have designed dampers to prevent vibrational damage due to wind and earthquakes.

In this image of the Golden Gate Bridge, BEAR-designed dampers are visible in the lower left.




A schematic of the 8,981-foot long Golden Gate bridge is shown above. BEAR engineers performed an earthquake analysis to determine the amount of energy the dampers must dissipate as well as fracture and fatigue analysis to ensure against local failure.

Structural integrity is an area BEAR assists with regardless of the dimensions of any structure or its part. Our global laser scanning techniques (1 million points in a mere 20 minutes) combined with advanced finite element analysis capabilities allow us to determine a structure's actual shape, assess fatigue and fracture damage, and estimate remaining life.

For consultation on bridges and other structural concerns, please contact Glen Stevick, Ph.D., P.E. at (510) 549-3300 or David Rondinone, Ph.D., P.E. at (541) 267-2588.