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BEAR paper on preventing gasoline can explosions wins Best Paper of the Year


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Heat Exchangers



Our team has analyzed the failure of many different types of heat exchangers including cooling systems for electrical, pharmaceutical, and chemical equipment. The equipment examined included spiral and plate finned tube heat exchangers, ISO 9001 designs of all-Aluminum heat exchangers, gasket plate, fully welded, semi welded plate and brazed plate heat exchangers. We have also worked on fully welded counter flow plate heat exchangers constructed of a variety of high temperature alloys for temperatures up to 1200 °F and pressure differentials capability of up to 5 PSI. The list of exchangers examined further includes ASME certified, "U", "UM", and "R" designs for areospace, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, pulp, power, and petrochemical industries.

The drawing to the left shows a case where tubes were rolled incorrectly onto the tube sheet, resulting in malfunctioning of the heat exchanger. The photo shows the analysis our engineers performed on the tube sheet, demonstrating the areas of greatest weakness.