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BEAR Project Receives Award


BEAR wins Best Paper of the Year

BEAR paper on preventing gasoline can explosions wins Best Paper of the Year


Alcohol Containers Explode Too!


Our 10,000 square foot state of the art laboratory and an industry-leading team of Forensic Engineering Experts are able to serve a wide range of industries and applications.

We have consulted on hundreds of critical, high-profile projects including the Alaskan Pipeline, the Golden Gate Bridge, the BP Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the Milwaukee Brewers Stadium roof collapse, the Lan Chile airplane fire at the Miami airport, and the San Bruno pipeline explosion, among many others.

In each instance, our investigative approach as problem solvers covers every angle. We work to understand what happened, what the root causes were, and the preventative solutions, as well as communicating our findings to our clients in a comprehensive and meaningful way.

Professional Affiliations of BEAR Engineers

Below is a list of some of the professional groups BEAR engineers are affiliated with:
  • NSPE: National Society of Professional Engineers
  • ASME: American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • Vibration Institute: an organization dedicated to the exchange of practical information about vibration and condition monitoring
  • NACE: National Association of Corrosion Engineers International
  • ASM-International: The Materials Information Society